Thursday, 29 July 2010


很喜歡這件外套,襯衫非常之靚,起初沒有去研究睇下上半部份是怎樣織,織完晒衫身同兩袖才去睇下怎樣去織上身部份,原來都不難,不過只有一點點煩也,因要用支直針去做交差位的,更加鍾意就是對袖口,好像燈籠袖,袖的織法幾好玩. Started : 20 May 2010 Finished : 14 June 2010 Yarn : Rowan Pure Wool DK (8.5 skein) Needles: 3.25mm & 4 mm


wiwiana said...

Pax, I like your Coraline! In fact I made mine after seeing yours! :)

Poosh said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog and wow, you are such an amazing knitter. I just started 6 months ago and love it! Projects take so long though. It seems like you knit really fast, I'd love to get to where you are. Did you take classes? Also, where do you buy your yarns? Do you find your patterns online? You are really talented thank you for sharing your projects.

Pax *knits said...

Poosh - thanks your nice comments.
I haven't join any classes right now. I bought this yarn from my local yarn shop.You can search this pattern from Ysolda.