Thursday, 16 August 2007

Lavendar Lace Bolero

This is the pattern of the long sleeves.But i ran out of the yarns when i was knitting the first left sleeve.So i'm afraid can't finished it.I changed it to short sleeves instead.Finally, i am happy that i can finished it. Started: 3 Aug 2007 Finished: 14 Aug 2007 Yarn:Jaeger Siena 4ply 5 x 50g

Man sweater and vest

It was knitted in the last 3 years. First one is pullover sweater,the pattern is very simple.I love the yarn but i can't remember what yarn do i used. The Second one is Vest also knitted in the last 3 years. It is cable texture.I haven't knitting for a man something since the last 2 projects. Because i love to knit for myself right now.I am happy knitting to knit with and enjoying it.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Lavendar Lace Bolero

I decided only to knit the Bolero.Because i got some yarns not enough for one set. I bought these yarns on sale. Pattern is from japanese book. The color is very nice.So this project is purple color again. Lovely the texture.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


This is my first time to knit the shawl. Cast on 299 sts.It is much more stitches for the shawl.So i thought how long i can finished it.Oh, finally i only take 7 days completed it. So far so good. :) Autumn seasons will be coming after summer holiday.So i decided to knitting one for me. The pattern has two version.I used stocking stitch version. Started : 26/7/2007 Finished : 1/8/2007 Yarn : Rowan Kidsilk Night in accordance 3 x 25 gm Needles : 1 pair 5mm (no 6) (US 8) needles