Wednesday 29 October 2008

Leaves square pincushion

I made this pincushion for Fall Swap. I used one of part with the pattern.It is simple a pincushion.I am not good at create something. :)

A Hat Fit

My husband asked me made a hat for him because the winter is coming soon. I chosen this pattern. It is easy and quick.My husband likes simple pattern. Yarn : Rowan pure wool dk ( 1 ball ) Needles : 3.25mm

Saturday 18 October 2008

Counterpane Carpet Bag

I love the bag very much.The pattern and the yarn are very nice.It came out a beautiful.First time to made a bag and sewing is also not very good. Yarn : Noro Kureyon ( 3 balls ) Needles : 5mm

Wednesday 15 October 2008

Oh Ball!

I knitted them of my cats.They are so happy playing with them.Hhahaa.....


It is easy and quick to made it. Funny!

Endpaper Mitts

First time to knit Mitts.I'm very interesting to knit the Gloves or Mitts.Should be make one more in different pattern. Yarn : Rowan scottish tweed 4 ply Needles : 2.5 mm

Tuesday 7 October 2008


This is my first time to knit with the hat. Ha.... is not.It is my second hat.The first hat is crochet.I didn't like to wear the hat thats why you can't find out from my projects.I love the lace pattern.I made one for me.It is very fast to finished. Yarn : Rowan bamboo soft ( 2 balls ) cream Needles : 3mm Crochet : 3.5

Friday 3 October 2008

Vicchi's Birch

The Birch is my second times to knit with.It is for my daughter's birthday gift in Nov.She likes that color and so far it turned out very nice. The pattern is very simple. Just 10 days i have finished it. :) Started : 18 Sept 2008 Finished : 28 Sept 2008 Yarn : Rowan kidsilk haze ( 3 balls ) Needles : 5mm