Tuesday, 29 May 2007


This is the second ' Top down Raglan' Knitted in different color and different raglan. Which one you prefer ? I love both of them.

Started on 24/5/2007

Finished on 29/5/2007

Yarn : Katia Jamaica shade 07 (100% cotton) (2 skeins)

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Top down Raglan ---- 2

This is the second project, the Raglan is worked in the round from top down in different color.It is easy and simple.I'm enjoying how look like when it turn out. It seems not bad.I love this color too.What do you think? Nice?? Yarn : Katia Jamaica 07--- Actually, i love multiful color or color print, because it won't be bored when i am knitting.I like one by one if i finished project. Should be non stop for knitting and never give up.If more project on my hand, i feel lazy with finish. :)

Friday, 25 May 2007

Close up

Just let you see close up in different photo. I love this colorful very much. I am doing in different color for this top. Would be a little bit have change...... waiting my finished project how look like in different color. ^__^

Drop Lace Tank

Pattern from Fitted Knits.The book is very nice. Most of pattern i want to knit in that book. Yarn : Rowan all season cotton This pattern is so fun knit to drop stitch. The bottom edge i used simple crochet.

Lace Jacket

Pattern from japanese book Yarn : Rowan 4ply cotton (5 balls) I love the sleeves 3/4 and neck band

Lace Tee

The pattern from japanese book. Knitted in 2006 Yarn : Rowan 4ply cotton I can't remember how much balls. About 5 balls.

Lace Tee

I started the pattern from Lower Border and Back and Front.The pattern was bought from US company through the internet. I love this pattern very much. Fun to knit. Yarn : DB cathay ( 5 balls ) Finish sizes : small

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Top down Raglan

At the first, i really can't finished it because i think the yarn has run out. And i have sent email to the yarn company. I want to reorder 1 skein. But they said it has run out. Finally, i can finished it and i am so happy now. I used 2 skein ( 200 gm )

Top down Raglan

Yarn : Katia in Jamaica sh 4004 The pattern is inspired by Svetlana ( Flickr friend ) I like that yarn very much because it came out bright and colorful. I'm not sure do you like it but mine i love it. It is my first project knit from top to down. Its so fun. I'll make one more in different color. :-)


Pattern from Ella Rae Yarn in RCY, i can't remember the description, i know (cotton + angora) Finished in 2006

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Pattern from Louisa Harding.It is lace pattern.Lovely the sleeves.
Yarn Louisa Harding in Impression sh 9 Mixed Berries ( 6 balls ) Needles 3.25mm ( US 3) and 4mm (US 6) It is lace pattern and the sleeves are 3/4 Finished in 2006

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Openwork Cardigan

Book : Bergere de France Yarn : 6 balls Openwork s-----------4mm (US 6) Flisherman's rib------ 8mm (US 11) Stotckinette st--------4mm (US 6) I forgot what is the shade because i haven't write down my record. :) The color is very nice. It looks like an egg.Do you know what i meaning? Sorry my english is not very good. Hope everyone understand of me. Thanks!


Yarn: Rowan Damask Book: Ella Rae I can't remember the yarn shade.It looks like in bright purple. That yarn came out is very beautiful. What do you think?

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Top Raglan

This is a second one top to down raglan after OSW Its so fun from top to down.Maybe i'll make it some more. Hehe...... Actually, my knitting skill is not good. Still learn it more and you can give me idea for me.

Note book & pencil box

I love the flower pattern. The note book is write down my all pattern from the internet and words

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Gala Bolero

Yarn: Lana Grossa in Gala Size : Small size (7 balls) I only knitted a bolero. I love that pattern, maybe i'll knit one more in different color later


This pattern only one day is finished.
I used DB cotton dk yarn (2 balls)
Its so fun because so fast to knit


I went to yarn shop in Beeston last two weeks. I met Louisa Harding designer and thank you her signature for me. Disspointed, i haven't take a photo with her. She took some pattern a new sample.It is very beautiful. I might be get one when the book is ready.