Monday, 7 January 2008


The pattern is came from Japanese book.I haven't been knitting for two months when i was in Hong Kong.Now i starting to knit a Cardi for me. I am so happy knitting again.


Octopus Knits said...

Happy new year! That is a lovely stitch pattern, and I know the cardigan will be beautiful in that blue color : )

Sabry said...

Happy New Year Pax!
I can't wait to see your project finish, I'm sure that is going to look really beautiful!



Anonymous said...

Hi Pax, Welcome back! I missed your blog a lot while you were away. I hope you had a great time in HK.
The project is looking will look good on you! Keep up the knitting.
p.s. Happy New year!

Pax *knits said...

Angel....yes, i had a great time in HK.Thanks alot!
My english is not very good so i just put some simple word to my blog.Sometimes i want to write more something to my blog but its hard for me.Anyway, i will keep up the knitting. :))

Happy New Year too!