Saturday, 26 May 2007

Top down Raglan ---- 2

This is the second project, the Raglan is worked in the round from top down in different color.It is easy and simple.I'm enjoying how look like when it turn out. It seems not bad.I love this color too.What do you think? Nice?? Yarn : Katia Jamaica 07--- Actually, i love multiful color or color print, because it won't be bored when i am knitting.I like one by one if i finished project. Should be non stop for knitting and never give up.If more project on my hand, i feel lazy with finish. :)


Angel Knits said...

You are amazing to knit the same pattern twice! The colour combination is beautiful and I admired by your creativity a lot by using different colours.
The drop stitch tank top looks nice on you. I am actually knitting the same top as we speak.
Keep up the good work and happy knitting!

Pax *knits said...

Thanks your comments, Angel.